NEW! Take a peek at the brand new slate of handweaving classes scheduled for August through December.

Blue Flag Handweaving is the working studio of handweaver, spinner, knitter and weaving instructor Kristie Sherrodd and the hometown retail store for Bluster Bay Woodworks shuttles. At Blue Flag you’ll find classes and supplies for weaving and all kinds of fiber pursuits.

A Handweaving Studio & Much More

  • See a list of upcoming classes as well as register and pay for classes online with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover card or American Express card
  • YARN! including Rowan, Lunatic Fringe Tubular Spectrum mercerized cotton, Borgs cottolin, Harrisville Shetland wools in two weights, linen, a huge selection of 8/4 cotton rug warp, Jason Collingwood rug wool, gorgeous hand-dyed skeins of luxury fibers and more
  • Fibers for handspinning and felting: beautiful hand-dyed wools, silk, and silk blends
  • Looms and all the small weaving accessories you need to go with them
  • A friendly gathering place for weaving, spinning and knitting enthusiasts.

Gift Certificates Available for classes or supplies. Buy in person at the studio or online.

Need help finding us? Map & driving directions here.

Bluster Bay shuttle
Shuttles from Bluster Bay Woodworks
The beautiful shuttles pictured on this site are made in Sandpoint by Terry Lavallee at Bluster Bay Woodworks. Bluster Bay shuttles are available for students’ use in all classes at Blue Flag and are available for sale in the studio.

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