“While We Teach, We Learn”

Shaft switched rag rug“While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. According to an article that appeared in Time magazine back in November 2011, students who teach others as they learn themselves, researchers have found, work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively.

The article notes that it’s the emotions elicited by teaching that make it such a powerful vehicle for learning. Instructors feel chagrin when their pupils fail; when they succeed, teachers feel what is described best by the Yiddish term nachas: “Pride and satisfaction that is derived from someone else’s accomplishment.” Continue reading

A Fine Fiber Morning

Yarn and socksSome days I wake up ready to pick up a knitting or handspinning project even before morning coffee. Today was like that, setting a springlike Monday morning off to a great start.

First, I finally finished plying 500 yards of handspun silk and camel down blend from Greenwood Fiberworks, in the colorway “Metro”, with silk sewing thread. Regular attendees at Thursday afternoon open handspinning know I have been working on this yarn for about two months. It feels so fine to have it plied, skeined and washed. Now I can ponder what I will weave with it – Shall it be warp or weft? A fancy twill? Some sort of block weave?

After skeining and washing the yarn, I grafted the toes of a pair of socks that I finished last night. The pattern is is “Rye” and it’s an easy, free from Tin Can Knits. The yarn is handspun, 100% wool – one ply of blue and one ply of purple. The socks knits up very fast but the project was really a long time in the making; I quite honestly spun the yarn at least 25 years ago. It’s been waiting in the yarn closet all this time for a perfect project. and its time finally arrived. The socks were knit on size 5 needles and the yarn is quite heavy so these will be “house” socks or be worn in boots.

Two fiber projects completed before 7:00 AM on a sunny Leap Year morning with crocuses abloom seems to bode well for a lovely and productive March. Onward into spring!

What I Did This Weekend

Website workDuring the past few days I laid my weaving aside and helped boost Bluster Bay Woodworks’ online presence by completing a new website with a blog and setting up a Facebook page and a Ravelry group.

The website site has some new things not included in Bluster Bay’s old site. Now there is a blog to follow and I really like the Special Woods page. Continue reading