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Vincent Van Gogh’s Weavers Series

From 1883 to 1885, Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenenin southern Belgium in the Provence of Brabant. Some 440 weavers were employed in Nuenen when Van Gogh lived there. He became fascinated by these poverty stricken artisans and during 1883 and 1884 he spent time drawing and painting handweavers. Continue reading Vincent Van Gogh’s Weavers Series

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Biographies of Inspiring Handweavers

The biographies of bygone handweavers who kept the art of weaving alive when it had largely been laid aside or who took it to new heights provide not only interesting reading but are motivating in ways quite different from contemporary weaving. Without their drive and dedication to the preservation and development of weaving, I might have never been exposed to the craft that has become so integral to my life.

Here are four of my favorite biographies of handweavers. Continue reading Biographies of Inspiring Handweavers