Used Looms & Other Equipment

We sell used looms, spinning wheels and equipment in the store for a commission fee. We only accept for sale used equipment that it is in good working order.

To inquire about a piece listed here, or to ask about selling your used items, call 208-263-4600 or email

Buyer pays shipping, if needed. Contact us for a shipping quote.

Listings last updated January 29, 2018

Schacht tension boxSchacht Tension Box

For sectional warping. This tension box features a mounting bracket that adjusts to fit all Schacht looms: Wolf, Standard, or Cranbrook. Works with most other floor looms as well. Features include: two-sided sturdy construction with a reed at the back, an adjustable tension knob, a heddle to make the cross, and a swiveling reed at the front to adjust the feeding width of the warp. Like new condition. New price is $330.00.

Bluster Bay spool swiftBluster Bay Woodworks Spool Swift

These two-piece swifts were last made about 2007 and are extremely rare to find used. The swift mounts on the side of a door or shelf (as shown here) and then works similar to a squirrel cage swift. They work best with skeins of yarn that are not too large.

This swift is made of figured black walnut with American black cherry finials and clamping handles. It is in perfect, brand-new condition.

Bluster Bay spool swift